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Faye Trask


The Conduit Series
Breaking the Bond

If one hundred and forty-seven years had taught Theo anything it was how to hide.


Eager to live his immortal life on his own terms, Theo Walsh sets out to seek help from the only ally he has—an ancient witch, indebted and powerful.


Torn between his freedom and the possible repercussions of shattering his master’s shackles, Theo knows his only options are to break the bond, or die trying.

Blood Legacy

For most people, their legacy is in their riches. For Kelly Frost, her legacy is in her blood.


With all the training the military put her through, the one thing they didn't train her for, was how to cope with losing a friend. Back in her hometown Kelly is still grappling with her grief, hiding it from any prying eyes. Until one night she meets Theo, a stranger who is more than meets the eye, and Alexander, a charming gentleman with a great deal of wealth who makes Kelly an offer she can't refuse.


Caught in the struggles of a world she never knew existed, battle brews, bonds will form, blood will be spilt, and an impossible truth will be revealed. 


Trigger warning- this book contains topics difficult for some people. Those topics are death, excessive or gratuitous violence, kidnapping, mental and physical abuse, and blood.

Arcane Legacy

All power hides a price. Can Kelly pay hers in blood?


Grappling with a world she never could have dreamed existed, Kelly Frost is overwhelmed, undertrained, and struggling to break through the barrier behind her enigmatic Vampire companion's past.


When chilling letter from the austere supernatural council brings their getaway to an abrupt end, Kelly and Theo are ordered to stand and answer for their actions, dragging the pair into an underworld of politics, power plays and intrigue that would put a game of chess to shame.


Beneath it all, Kelly grapples with new powers that rage within her like a maelstrom, threatening to consume her. Fail to control them, and they might just claim her life. And as if the specter of death isn't enough, there are whispers of unrest, one that could consume not just her, but everyone she holds dear.


From the grime-streaked streets of London to the cold heart of the supernatural council, Kelly must navigate a treacherous world of secrets and lies. Can she master the arcane forces within her before they burn everything she loves to ashes?


When survival means threading the needle between life and death, will she be able to pull through, or will she fall victim to her own legacy?

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