Faye Trask


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Faye Trask has had a love for writing and telling stories since she was a little girl. She was immediately drawn into the world of fantasy and science fiction. Throughout her schooling her passion grew. She put her writing on hold to serve in the US military.


When not working at her day job or on her debut novel she can be found in the woods of Maine camping, hiking or trail riding with her fiancé and their dog. 


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If one hundred and forty-seven years had taught Theo anything it was how to hide.


Eager to live his immortal life on his own terms, Theo Walsh sets out to seek help from the only ally he has—an ancient witch, indebted and powerful.


Torn between his freedom and the possible repercussions of shattering his master’s shackles, Theo knows his only options are to break the bond, or die trying.

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